Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Butterfly Garden Dress

First things first:  Here are the Top Shop Western oxford booties.  While I mentioned that they are white, I did not mention all the fringe adorning them (I don't think).  I won't deny that they are a little bit drum majorette looking, but I like them just the same.  Okay, now on to other things.  Almost immediately after I got dressed today, I knew that I would get hooked on orange, yellow and cream.  Right now, I want to wear everything in my closet that is orange, yellow or cream or some combination of these colours.  Of course, this desire may not last long enough to see me through all the orange, yellow and cream clothes that I have and all the combinations of these clothes that I might put together.  I guess only time will tell what will happen.  Not exciting, but such is the story of my wardrobe life.

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