Monday, July 18, 2011

The Picking Cherries Dress

This morning, I remembered the shoes that I had bought at the Top Shop in May.  The white oxford booties with fringe trim.  In my opinion (at the time of purchase ... and still) the perfect white Western style bootie.  Something that I had been looking for for a while.  A white boot, regardless of style, really isn't very popular, is it?  I wanted to wear the Top Shop white booties today, but two things stood in the way.  One: rain was forecast for today, and I hadn't waterproofed the booties yet.  Two: the booties were wrongly laced up and I didn't have the time to re-lace them.  (I have been told that the way that the booties were laced up is actually correct, proper, what have you, but I don't like this correct, proper, what have you way of lacing up shoes/boots.  Too difficult to handle, in my opinion.)  So, at the end of the day (colloquially speaking, of course, in reality, at the end of the start of the day), I went with the black Western boots ... again.  Now, at the (actual) end of the day, the Top Shop white booties are all re-laced and otherwise ready to go.  For later in the week.

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