Tuesday, August 25, 2015

the teflon (scotch guard, etc) comes off outfit

finally, after many outings in white with no stain mishaps, it happened. it was inevitable that, eventually, i would slip up, drop the mindful living, and the spills and stains would catch me. first, it was a splash of tea. then, the smear of melted chocolate. neither stain was large enough to be noticeable, but i felt like i should just deliberately dump something on my clothes and get the inevitable big stain over with. i didn't though. and, somehow, i made it through a full day without any more stain mishaps. but i am not tempting fate too soon after this day. i think i will play it safe in black clothes for the next little while. coward? absolutely.

i am wearing the horizon jacket, the pelican top and the amazing skirt by kaliyana. my shoes are the boss shoe (box collection) by trippen.

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nähteufel said...

ich warte jeden morgen immer sehnsüchtig auf deinen beitrag

super schön genau meine mode