Saturday, August 29, 2015

at peace top

i saw some of the kaliyana autumn/winter online collection. i love the idea of wearing the brasilia dress overtop a shirt (maybe even my grey bellini print shirt, then i can pair the dress/shirt pairing with my grey bellini print long tight pant). i just need that fold boot by trippen (closed collection).

i am wearing the oggi top and the g.p. skirt by kaliyana. my sandals are the casar sandal (closed collection) by trippen.


Rfmsf said...

I love your blog and the amazing clothes you wear. Unfortunately I can't buy kaliyana in Britain which is a nightmare.
I love rundholz so keep wearing that!!!

wardrobetales said...

thank you. i don't see my love for rundholz waning any time soon, so you can expect to see me in that for some time to come.