Wednesday, August 26, 2015

roll up the sleeves and go to work dress

i have this knack of sometimes (sometimes) remembering really trivial things. like that last summer i wore this dress only once. this summer, i have worn this dress at least a half dozen times (and counting). in fact, i think that this summer this is one of my favourite dresses.

i am wearing the ono dress and the amazing skirt by kaliyana. my sandals are the manolo sandal (closed collection) by trippen. i am wearing the vertical five necklace by itsomi.


Sue said...

Well it is a fabulous dress. Do you ever wear any of your Summer things layered up in Winter? Or do you have separate wardrobes?

wardrobetales said...

as far as my kaliyana wardrobe goes, most of the cotton pieces that i wear in the summer don't transition well into winter. they are too lightweight and don't provide a lot of warmth, no matter how many of them i wear. the cotton jersey pieces i wear pretty much throughout the year. as for my black label wardrobe, that for me is really season-less. which probably makes it the better investment of the two wardrobes. which is a good thing because it is also the costlier of the two.