Wednesday, August 19, 2015

and back to white outfit

mostly because the day was predicted to be the last truly hot one for the next little while (although not as hot as it had been previously ... and not that the next little while was going to be cold ... just "normal" summer weather), i felt compelled to wear a white outfit.

i am wearing the manifold dress and the amazing skirt by kaliyana. my shoes are the mandarin shoe (x+os collection) by trippen.


Sue said...

Black or white, both look great. Have you ever mixed the black with the white for a whole other look? Be interesting to see what that looks like.

wardrobetales said...

thanks, sue. i have thought about "sandwiching" black between whites (white top over black dress over white skirt) or white between blacks (black top over white dress over black skirt). i think i might be okay with that. something tells me that i wouldn't feel altogether comfortable with one white piece and one black piece. not that i have tried it!