Tuesday, July 28, 2015

white is right dress, skirt and top

for at least two summers now, i have been threatening to lose my tip to toe black look in favour of a tip to toe white look. until this summer, something held me back from making good on my threat. this summer, i took the plunge. and now i realize what was holding me back. a tip to toe white look is very much a statement look (like a tip to toe black look was before it became ... well ... normal). i think i got more open stares wearing this outfit than i ever get wearing tip to toe black.

i am wearing the manifold dress, the amazing skirt and the casa jacket by kaliyana. my shoes are doc martens. my bag is by arzadesign.


Sue said...

That total white looks amazing, and congratulations. I love white but always managed to get it marked/stained.

wardrobetales said...

i have to confess that when i wear all white i do have to be especially mindful of ... well ... living to ensure that i don't get stains or marks. so far so good!