Wednesday, July 22, 2015

bustling around dress

i don't usually characterize my wardrobe purchases as impulse purchases because i like to think that i think through all of my wardrobe purchases. on the other hand, thinking about it right now, i could easily characterize all of my wardrobe purchases as impulse purchases. the thinking here is that i don't go shopping for wardrobe items because i need any new wardrobe items -- i know i have enough clothes and shoes to last me quite a while. i decide on a whim that i want to go shopping and usually happen to find some wardrobe items that i want. impulse shopping trip, so impulse purchases. i am not sure whether the dress and shoes that i am wearing here are impulse purchases in the first sense above (i.e., not thought through) or in the second sense above (i.e., went on an impulse shopping trip and bought them). what i am sure about is that they were impulse purchases. but as is very common with my impulse purchases, i love them.

i am wearing the ono dress and the amazing skirt* by kaliyana. my shoes are the mandarin shoe (x + os collection) by trippen.

*i am starting to wonder if there is any dress, tunic or top that the amazing skirt wouldn't look amazing with.

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Sue said...

Impulse purchases like yours are stunning!! I never plan to buy, I just buy what catches my eye. Of course I like the spotted dress!!