Thursday, July 16, 2015

deceptive zipper dress

this dress has a racer back top. about halfway down this racer back top, there is a zipper, placed horizontally. for some, approaching me from behind, there might be the temptation to undo the zipper, with the expectation that the dress will fall off me. it won't. i would never make it that easy.

i am wearing the bora-bora top, the seville trousers and the hood jacket by kaliyana. my boots are the pluto boot (closed collection) by trippen.


Jessica said...

Brilliant! This dress is lovely. I think it is lucky for me that Kaliyana do not ship worldwide; like your sense of humour, I must enjoy their pieces here only.

wardrobetales said...

i am grateful that i have limited access to rundholz. if i had access to all three rundholz lines in their entirety, i would be very "wardrobe poor"!