Sunday, July 26, 2015

chunky sandals

i thought that these sandals would be perfect for me, not someone who usually likes the look of sandals on her (generally, i like "chunky" footwear and sandals seem so ... well ... delicate). the sandals are solid ... chunky. sadly, when i first wore these sandals, they nearly destroyed my feet. blisters galore! so, until they break in (i hope they break in), it will have to be socks plus sandals (sorry, but, for me, comfort beats out looks every single time).

i am wearing the swiss top, the g.p. skirt and the brilliant jacket by kaliyana. my shoes are doc martens.


Jessica said...

It is so strange when sandals are not prepared for bare feet, isn't it? However, perhaps due to their being so boot like, I think these look just fine with the socks! I love the shape of your top here, too.

wardrobetales said...

jessica: you are so right about it being strange that sandals are not prepared for bare feet. until this very moment i always thought about the "blisters phenomenon' as attributable to my bare feet not being prepared for sandals. my bare feet are not at fault here. sandals should be made for bare feet! thanks!