Friday, November 14, 2014

a dress by many names dress

recently, i went to see wicked ... for the third time. the second time that i saw wicked was about two years ago. oddly, on my third occasion seeing wicked, i was able to recall exactly what i wore on that second time seeing wicked. i don't always remember what i wear at particular times, but sometimes i do. sometimes they are happy recollections. other times, they are cringe-when-i-remember recollections. i once told a male boss of mine (while discussing the upcoming nuptials of his daughter) that i might find it difficult to have a traditional wedding, with the traditional white wedding dress, because i would be unable to settle on the dress. upon seeing his puzzled expression, i explained further. given all the mistakes i make with everyday clothes, the odds would be pretty good that i would make a mistake with the wedding dress (which would be so beyond what i am used to shopping for). if that occurred, i would forever have to live with having been married in a dress that was just wrong. not to mention having to look at pictures of myself in that just wrong dress. no, i just couldn't do it. i did not want a cringe-when-i-remember-it recollection of my wedding. his response to this explanation was ... probably predictable. "It's just a dress," he said. Years later, reflecting on this conversation, I thought, "How strange. I can easily commit to an individual. But committing to "the dress", well, that I still find a challenge." (p.s. i still like what i wore to see wicked the second time.)

i am wearing the alpen top, the ono dress, the tunnel skirt and the delphi scarf by kaliyana. my boots are the rider boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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