Tuesday, November 18, 2014

slang dress

the other day, for the first time, i heard the expression/phrase "friday junior". i quickly learned that it meant "thursday". how long has thursday been referred to as friday junior? when i looked up the expression/phrase "friday junior" in the urban dictionary on the interwebs, i learned a new expression/phrase: "hump day", meaning "wednesday". now, for a long time, i have been referring to wednesday as "the hump". but all the time that i have been doing so, i had no idea that "hump day" was official slang. it never ceases to amaze me how truly out of touch i am at times.

i am wearing the alpen top, the ono dress, the tunnel skirt, the delphi scarf and the left bank jacket by kaliyana. my boots are the rider boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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Sue said...

Friday junior, that is new to me!! Hump day I did know.