Friday, February 8, 2013

no regrets skirt

"shades" of blue and brown seems to be a favourite "colour" combination for me this autumn/winter. sometimes, i will toss in some black. when i do, i am usually astounded by the extent to which i am pleased with the result. (no black in today's outfit, but i did test out a similar outfit with some black. peering into the mirror, i couldn't help but be amazed that it worked. maybe i will add that outfit to my collection of outfits on the blog. we shall see.)

i am wearing old cavalry pants from lands end and a bustle skirt by bunny and pear. my woollen wrap cardi is from anthropologie and my golden woollen pullover is from club monaco. my boots are old from llbean signature. (hidden underneath my sweaters is an old gap shirt with an old tie from h&m.)


éva-mona said...

You have a great style! Do you happen to make some of the clothes yourself? I bet you would love the French brand Lilith, but maybe you know it already?

wardrobetales said...

thanks for the tip about lilith. i did not know about it. and you were right about me loving it. i do. as for your question about me making my clothes, i don't. it is something that i used to do, but (sadly) time doesn't permit me to do so anymore.