Thursday, February 7, 2013

green fairisle pullover

i finally made it to h&m to see if that silver faux leather top (cum vest) was still hanging about waiting for me to come and scoop it up. well it wasn't waiting for me at the first h&m that i went to. but it was waiting for me at the second h&m that i went to. in case you are wondering: i deliberately went to the first h&m. the second one was on my way home and my stopping by it was really an afterthought, i.e., it's here, i'm here, why not just pop in and check.

i am wearing an old shirt from h&m with an old gap tie, an old pullover from old navy and an old skirt from rw & co. my jacket is dear creatures, from the a/w 2010 collection. i am wearing an old hat by lillie and cohoe and old combat boots from an army surplus store.

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