Thursday, October 11, 2012

grey clouds overhead sweater dress

the look:

blouse - old urban renewal (uo)
sweater dress, tie and scarf - old h&m
jacket - olio organics
dhoti pants - old lululemon
coat - old kensie
cap - old
boots - old ixos

the tale:

no surprises (at least to me), i am experiencing a wardrobe crisis. i feel like i should be trying for a more elegant look. i should probably try to pin down what i mean by "elegant". it might help me to achieve a more elegant look. but, honestly, that seems like so much work. i know when i see it and i guess that i don't see it when i look in the mirror. then there is the fact that i don't think that i can pull off elegant. i think that i need more height, which, of course, i can't get (i am way beyond growing that way any more). i also think that i am too enamoured of all things geeky (with which i identify) to pull off elegant. then there is the pre-occupation with all things western. maybe more black clothing? no guarantees there (i think i am proof of that). i think that i will just wait it out. like all wardrobe crises of the past, which eventually passed with time, i am sure that this one will pass as well, given enough time ... and patience.

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