Friday, October 26, 2012

the sweatshirt sweater

the look:

tshirt - old old navy
wrap top and dhoti pants - old lululemon
pullover - gap
jacket - old olio organics
cap - old
boots - old ixos

the tale:

until today, i had not heard of the theory that a certain mouse (or, perhaps, certain mice) inspired the predominance of dots on clothing this fall/winter. whether truth or myth, i like the story. i don't think that, during my life to date, i have owned much dot sprinkled clothing. today, i bought the neatest dot sprinkled clothing: a tunic and a skirt. i can't wait to wear the two together. (if you are thinking that this is the second consecutive day that i am talking about buying something and not being able to wait to wear it and don't i therefore seem to be engaging in some major retail therapy, you are absolutely correct about the major retail therapy. it has been a long, hard week. and, perhaps i shouldn't, but i do. i want more retail therapy. tomorrow. because, unlike most saturdays, tomorrow, i have a free day and, if i felt like it, i could indulge in all the retail therapy that my wallet permitted.)

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