Sunday, July 1, 2012

things are shift-ing dress

the look:

dress and tunic - from a local arts and crafts import shop (#2)
dhotti pants - old
hat - old nine west
boots - old, from an army surplus store

the tale:

i know that things have shifted for me fashion-wise when i visit my once upon a time favourite stores and, while i can pick out items of clothing that i like and think would suit the new me, i decline to purchase anything because i would rather my money go towards more items of clothing from kaliyana. isn't it surprising that this should occur on a day when i wore no kaliyana? and speaking of what i wore ... this dress and tunic came as a set. but until today, i never wore them as a set. i pulled them apart and wore them separately, thinking that i wouldn't like them worn together. but, with the dhotti pants worn undernearth, i do like them worn together! one more thing about the dress and tunic: they are made of machine washable and dryable linen. i love linen most of all when it crumples. i know that some people think crumpled clothing looks too ... well ... unkempt. me, i like linen most when it is crumpled. and i don't think that there is anything unkempt about it.

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