Tuesday, July 17, 2012

around the campfire shirt

the look:

shirt - old dear creatures
jumper dress - old, from a local arts and crafts import shop
pullover - old h&m
beret - old american apparel
oxfords - old john fluevog

the tale:

i think that i am moving towards some kind of compromise ... between what i think was the old me and what i think is the new me. i am so happy that i kept some of my favourite items of coloured clothing. thinking about it, if i had banished all coloured clothing from my life (when I (re)embraced wearing black clothing from head to toe), i am not sure that i would have reached the happy compromise that i seem to be reaching. at the same time as i am moving towards this compromise, something is happening to my shopping habits. i am becoming a more discerning shopper. it isn't about the next attractive (to me) item (so much was attractive to me). it is about the next attractive (to me) item that can fit into and enhance my current collection of clothes. wow!

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