Sunday, July 29, 2012

sunday afternoon at the art gallery cardi

the look

top - old gap
cardi - jacob
jacket - kaliyana
dhoti pants - from a local arts and crafts import shop
cap - old
boots - old, from an army surplus store

the tale:

yesterday morning, i visited my hair stylist. i know it's been a while since my hair made an appearance on the blog (nothing to do with how i feel about my hair -- i just like hats that much). so let me tell you about my hair: for about a year now, i have been growing my hair from a buzz cut into another particular style. i think it's called an undercut. so, for about a year now, my hair cut has involved nothing more than a buzz of the sides and back. by saying "nothing more than a buzz", i by no means intend to belittle the skill required to buzz a head well. in my opinion, it involves great skill. but for a hair stylist skilled at buzzing -- and my hair stylist is very skilled at it -- it doesn't take a long time to buzz the sides and back of a head. all of which is to say that i am usually through with my hair cut in well under an hour. and yesterday was no exception. i had intended, after the visit to my hair stylist, to visit two particular clothing shops en route from my hair stylist's place to my house. but, even though i have been having short hair appointments for about a year now, i guess i still neglected to plan on being finished so early with my hair appointment. neither of the two shops was open yet. i felt somewhat disappointed as i had no choice but to continue on my way home. then i came across a shop that i hadn't been in for a while that was open. the result: the cardi. it turned out to be the perfect thing to wear for my visit to the art gallery today ... to view a pablo picasso exhibit ... the colour ... the stripes ... no?

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