Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Opting Out Tweed Sports Jacket

Tomorrow is supposed to be warm, a high temperature of fifteen degrees celsius.  The plan is to go bare legged one last time.  If I wake up tomorrow and the morning radio show host breaks the bad news that, in fact, it won't be as warm as we were all led to believe, I have a back up plan, an outfit with tights.  Regardless of which outfit I end up wearing -- the one with bare legs or the one with tights -- one thing I can guarantee.  I will be debuting some new footwear.

I am wearing an old Gap shirt with an old Gap tie, a box pleat skirt from Lands End, an old Madewell sweatshirt sweater, an old Lands End Canvas tweed sports jacket, an old H&M coat and an old wool beret.  My boots are Fluevogs.  I am carrying a bag from American Apparel.

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