Monday, November 14, 2011

Ecru After Labour Day Is Okay Dress

I did it again.  I waited too long to order something from JCrew and missed getting it altogether.  I think the item going on sale at some point between when I last checked the JCrew website (not that long ago) and today didn't help matters.  Obviously, a lot of other JCrew aficianados were doing what I was doing -- waiting for the item to go on sale -- but were luckier than I or more industrious in checking the website than I and got to the dress before I could.  Anyways, another one gets away.  A friend from long ago used to say that if some piece of clothing that she wanted got away it wasn't meant to be and something better was waiting for her around the corner.

I am wearing a dress by Dear Creatures (from the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection), an open cardigan from JCrew Factory, an old Kensie coat and an old wool beret.  My shoes are old Fluevogs.  I am carrying a bag by Roots.


Anonymous said...

marvelous! it's incredible when I read your descripticion all the clothes are new, but they definitely have a vintage feel. great!


alexandra grecco said...

lovely dress!


wardrobetales said...

Thanks, Iz! :)

wardrobetales said...

Thanks, Alexandra! :)