Thursday, November 10, 2011

Down Memory Lane Skirt

The temperature dropped seven degrees celsius today from yesterday -- no more double digits above zero.  I thought that I would be warm enough in just the blouse and sweater, but by midday, I was regretting not having worn a jacket as well.  And, maybe, different footwear, something that completely covers the ankle (for I have learned that a covered ankle equals warmth).  I work in a historical building and heating is sort of hit and miss -- too warm or too cold, rarely just warm enough.  So the outfit was kind of a bust from a comfort point of view, which means the next time that I wear the outfit, at least this Winter, I will wear it with a jacket and warmer footwear.  On a brighter note, my pleated skirt, a recent acquisition, is very close to something I had when I was in university -- I loved that skirt but eventually gave it up because it was always too big in the waist.  Oddly, that old skirt and this new skirt are thanks to the same person.

I am wearing a bow blouse and a wool pleated skirt from Joe Fresh, a cardigan from H&M, an old H&M coat, an old H&M scarf, old Kenneth Cole gloves and an asymmetrical cloche hat by Lilliput Hats.  My shoes are old Fluevogs.  I am carrying a bag from American Apparel.


Anonymous said...

can you believe it, I felt my heart stopped when I saw this outfit?! oh, flapper days, you've done it again, awesome!

wardrobetales said...

Thanks, Iz. I love the flapper look ... a lot!