Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brown Stomping Boots

Lately, I haven't had very many wardrobe tales to relate, but, today, I have two.  I am brimming with excitement!  Although, I should probably warn you that the tales themselves aren't exciting.  It's just that I actually have something to talk about, however mundane it might be.  So here goes.  Wardrobe tale number one:  Today, I fulfilled one teeny, tiny wish of mine.  Ever since I first saw it, I have been wanting to emulate it.  The look of a Winter coat worn over a skirt or dress worn with bare legs (okay, with trouser socks and shoes or short boots).  It has always frustrated me that this was a look I could never achieve.  Why?  Because when it is time to wear a Winter coat, it is usually just too darn cold to go with bare legs.  And, when bare legs are passable, say in September or early October, it just looks silly (at least I think so) to be wearing a Winter coat (not to mention that I would probably swelter in it).  Today, the stars aligned properly and gave me the right time (it's November and most people have had their Winter coats out for at least a week if not longer) and the right weather (six degrees celsius in the morning and evening, with a high of fifteen degrees midday) to don a Winter coat over a skirt worn with trouser socks and short boots.  This may be the one time that this ever happens, but I don't care.  I am happy.  I fulfilled a teeny, tiny wish.

On to wardrobe tale number two:  Online shopping.  One downside of online shopping is that, depending on what kind of monitor or laptop you have, things may not always appear true to their real selves.  Colour of things in particular doesn't always appear true.  I recently purchased a pair of boots (the ones I wore today, in fact) thinking that I was purchasing a pair of black boots.  When they arrived at my house, however, I realized that they weren't black at all.  They were dark, without a doubt, but they were a deep, dark brown.  Definitely not black.  Here is the kicker:  I like what I got!  In fact, I like what I got much better than I would have liked what I thought I was getting.  I can't even say how often this happens, because it happens so often.  I think this is why I never let this one downside of online shopping stop me from online shopping.  I really like the surprise factor.  In fact, the surprise factor turns this one downside of online shopping right side up and makes it a positive!

I am wearing an old Gap shirt with an old Urban Outfitters tie, an American Apparel circle skirt (old for me, but still available as one of the company's staples), an open wool cardigan from the Gap (I love the smell of new lambs wool, even if it does make me sneeze) and an old H&M coat.  My boots are by Cydwoq.  I am carrying a bag by Roots.

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