Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Red And Green Chili Peppers Plaid Dress

I am not entirely sure that I managed to lure the creativity out of its warm place, but I did manage not to re-wear an outfit.  (Not that that has ever been my goal, where putting together outfits is concerned.  In case there is any question about what my goal in putting together outfits is, it is this: to be happy and comfortable.)

Just a quick note about my socks.  They are over-the-knee socks by Levis that mock wool work socks (they are of cotton not wool).  When they were offered for sale (years ago now), they came in a variety of colours, but I was only able to buy them in grey.  It took me no more than a couple of days after purchasing the socks in grey to decide that I should get them in other colours as well.  However, the socks were so popular that even after just a couple of days the store had sold out of them.  Since then, they have never been offered for sale again.  I have always wondered why.  Why Levis?

I am wearing a dress and cardigan by Lands End Canvas, woollen leggings by H&M, vintage Levis socks and vintage Sorels.

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