Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can't Be Missed Red Corduroys

I will bypass writing about the snow that my home city had today, except to say that, wearing the red corduroys, I definitely stood out against the white of the snow.  Oh, and because I didn't get to take a snow day today, while many others did (not that I'm bitter or anything), I took the "opportunity" of having to go into work on a snow day to "dress down" a little, to make the trek (and trek it was) into work a little bit less taxing.  Oh, there is another thing that I want to say about the snow today and I am not being original in saying this (although I can't remember who said it most recently):  By the afternoon, the snowflakes were sort of floating and circling in the air, instead of rapidly descending to the ground, making it seem as if I were in a snowglobe.  Kind of nice.  I guess I ended up writing about the snow after all!  So sorry!

What I had wanted to write about instead of writing about the snow was that "one in, one out" rule that I mentioned a couple of days ago (the rule about giving away one "old" item of clothing for every "new" item of clothing that I bring into the house).  I guess I will still write about the rule, but now I will write about it in addition to writing about the snow.  Here is how I had thought of implementing the "one in, one out" rule:  Whenever I bring a "new" item of clothing into the house, I will prohibit myself from putting it away until I have removed an "old" item of clothing from my closets, chests of drawers and other storage places and put it in the "give away" bin.  I have already tried this and, so far, it seems to be working.  I don't have too many "new" items of clothing waiting to be stowed away.  But I fear that, in a few weeks time, there will be this huge stack of "new" clothing just lying around waiting to be stowed, with only a few "old" items of clothing in the "give away" bin.  Perhaps I should change my course of implementation?  Perhaps I shouldn't allow myself to purchase anything "new" until after an "old" item is first placed in the "give away" bin?

I am wearing a shirt by Gap, a shawl collar cardigan by Lands End Canvas, vintage H&M corduroys with a vintage Gap belt and vintage Sorels.

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