Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Staying Cheerful

It seems rather tedious to always be talking about the weather, but since the weather is a rather big factor in clothing choices (it certainly is for me), talking about the weather when discussing daily outfits can't be helped.  Last week, when it turned warm and sunny, I was happy, because an end to the months of bundling up was in sight.  But, I also knew that it was too soon to expect that we wouldn't be seeing more days of cold and greyness.  And, sure enough, the cold and greyness came this weekend and continued through to today.  I was thinking today how strange it is that my tolerance of unchanging weather (from Winter to Spring), when I am expecting it to change, comes and goes.  Usually I just deal with it, but every once in awhile, I just can't stand it anymore.  It's strange because if I had to choose between a Fall/Winter wardrobe and a Spring/Summer wardrobe, I would definitely opt for the former.  I also like the feeling of being embraced by warmth when I come inside on a chilly Fall day or a cold Winter day.  So, why, when we are transitioning from Winter to Spring, do I sometimes have these feelings of not being able to live through another cold  and grey day.  Here's what I think:  I simply tire of wearing my heavy coats.  Everything else I can tolerate: the sweaters, the wools, the tweeds, the tights, the boots, the gloves, the scarves, the hats.  But, the coats, they just seem to sap me of all my positivity. Could it be because while I can mix up what's beneath the coat, so as to keep myself stimulated, excited and entertained by a variety of outfits, I am limited in this respect when it comes to coats?  Maybe next Fall/Winter I will have to figure out a way to make the coats work so that I can stay cheerful to the actual very last day of Winter!

coat: Gap, old
blouse: Gap, old
sweater: JCrew, old
skirt: Gap, old
tights: H&M, old
socks: ?
boots: Tretorn, last season (from Capezio)
pin: ?

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