Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Bag and Layering 101

What's special about today's post is that it includes a handbag.  Even though my posts to date have not included any handbags, I adore handbags and have a huge collection of them.  It's just that my lifestyle calls for lugging around volumes of stuff, so I usually just carry a backpack.  I suppose I could carry around a backpack and a handbag, but I don't because I like to be as streamlined as possible.  I was drawn to this handbag because of its mixture of rough leather and red buffalo check plaid fabric.  It fit nicely with my "Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing" clothing theme.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to bring out some of my other handbags during this style journey of mine.

Aside from showcasing a handbag, this post also illustrates (yet again) my fascination with layering this Fall/Winter.  Here is my recipe for layering:  Start with a base layer -- a dress, a shirt/blouse and skirt or a shirt/blouse and jumper.  Add a sweater and, if the sweater is a cardigan of any sort, button (or zipper or tie) it up.  Add a vest and, if required, button it up.  Add a coat/jacket and any desired accessories (e.g., hat, scarf, gloves, mitts).  And, voila!  Toasty warm if starting out on a chilly morning and adaptable should it become warmer throughout the day.

blouse: Gap, old
jumper: H&M, old
leggings: Lululemon, old
sweater: Bench, old
vest: Gap, old
jacket: Eddie Bauer
socks: H&M, old
boots: Fluevog
gloves: ?
pin: ?
handbag: Roots

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