Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ... Spring!

Spring is definitely in the air.  I can feel it.  The air has less bite in it.  And, when I walk to the subway in the morning, the birds are "chirpier".  My wardrobe, however, is anything but looking a lot like Spring.  If I have recognized the beginnings of Spring in any way in my dress, it has been by doffing at most a single layer of clothing.  As I said before, I like to be warm.  And it's probably safe to say that I have added some colour.

Spring being in the air, I was definitely driven to skip out on my yoga practice today.  Instead, I went and had me, what I call, a Fluevog fix.  This is when I make my way down to my all-time favourite shoe store, the Fluevog store, and purchase me some fresh, lovely Fluevogs.  Aaahhhhhh!

coat: Old Navy, old
scarf: H&M, old
beret: ?
gloves: ?
sweater: JCrew, old
skirt: vintage
tights: ?
boots: Fluevog

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