Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jeans Girl

Weekends are, for the most part, casual days for me as far as dress is concerned, not unlike for the majority of the world.  (Can I state the obvious or what?)  I am not a jeans girl, though.  I like jeans and own several pairs of jeans.  I just don't gravitate towards jeans.  (Curiously, I am also not a t-shirt girl.  I wonder whether the two go together.)  Maybe my lack of affinity for jeans has something to do with my never being able to find a pair that seem to fit just right.  Or, more likely, maybe it has to do with my preference for dresses and skirts over pants.  In any event, whatever the explanation, I don't automatically grab for a pair of jeans when I wake up Saturday morning.  So, what do I wear?  When it's cold outside, I usually put on a pair of leggings and a dress (plus layers of sweaters, as required).  When it's warm or hot outside, well, you will just have to wait until it gets warm or hot outside and see (which is my way of saying, I don't think I am consistent enough in what I wear when it's warm or hot outside to describe it succinctly!).

dress: H&M, old
pullover sweater: Gap, old
cardigan sweater: Zara
leggings: Lululemon, old
socks: ?
boots: Hunter

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