Monday, August 29, 2016

a lbd* that is a lbd** (no. 20 08 15 16)

i read somewhere that clothes are often reminders of events. this is certainly true for me ...  which is why i sometimes buy inexpensive "disposable" clothes to wear when i fear creating a negative association between an event and clothes. i don't want any of my beloved clothes to be tainted by the event. interestingly, for me, as much as clothes can remind me of events, events can also remind me of clothes ... even if the clothes themselves won't remind me of the events. this is particularly the case with pleasant events. for example, as i write this post, i am recalling an evening some years back when i returned home after a night class at uni. it was fall and i was living in my own apartment for the very first time. i don't remember what the class was, but i do remember walking through my front door, turning on the lights in entry hallway, hanging up my coat in one of two large closets located there, closing the closet door and just standing in the entry hallway absorbing the warmth of my apartment, the quiet of my apartment and the comfort of my apartment. i also remember thinking how lucky i was at that exact moment ... because i could do whatever i wanted to do: study or read for my class ... or not. i also remember what i was wearing: these wide legged cuffed corduroy trousers in a dark olive green colour, a ribbed woollen turtleneck sweater (remember poor boy sweaters), and black chunky (very chunky) brogue doc martens. i had a short (pixie) haircut. such a nice memory for me. come to think of it, that outfit accompanies many nice memories for me ... like the first time i ordered room service on my own and how that came about ... but that's another story.

*little black dress ... obvious.

**little bit different ... not so obvious.

i am wearing a dress by motion (a local label) and the vitali boot (box collection) by trippen.


Jessica said...

I do like your stories. I also sometimes have those poignant memories of a small moment, of a thought or awareness... thank you for triggering some remembering of my own.

wardrobetales said...

thanks, jessica.