Thursday, April 7, 2016

wrapped in warmth top

a couple of weekends ago, after at least two years of feeling on and off twinges of it being "time to move on", i finally parted company with a label.* it felt soooo good! a weight lifted off my shoulders. it wasn't that there was (or is) anything wrong with the label ... objectively. it was (and is) simply that i have changed and the label just can't speak for me anymore ... no matter how much i may want it to and tried to make it so. the day after i rid my closet of the label, something happened that, on some cosmic level, signalled to me that i had made the right decision and taken the right step. what was that something? it was one of those emails that finds its way into your inbox from some retailer that purports to give you friendly advice on how to better your life. this particular email talked about the importance of pruning your garden and how that idea could translate to a person's life. the advice here: it is necessary to "prune" your life to make space for what is truly important to you. saying no to something less important is saying yes to your highest values. so an inconsequential label is now out of my life, allowing me to focus on labels that are more reflective of who i am.

*to set things straight, i am not talking about the label that i am wearing here. i am also not talking about rundholz -- those particular relationships are going strong.

i am wearing the scarf top, the wing top and the 3d skirt by kaliyana. my boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.


Jean at said...

I'm not sure what you do with your cast-offs, but may I respectfully get in line? No, seriously. :-)

Jessica said...

Oh, I'm with a Jean, your castoffs must be some of the best second hand garments ever! Glad you're feeling good about your pruning.

Anonymous said...

Nice post.