Wednesday, April 27, 2016

honeycomb pullover

i have been doing a lot of shopping lately for spring/summer clothing. all rundholz. so far. i am so loving expanding my rundholz collection. not so much for the new pieces that are coming into the collection. (although, who am i kidding, some of the new pieces are sweet because they are unlike anything that i have ever had before.) but more so because of the new opportunities for reviving old pieces that those new pieces bring with them. teaser: some of those new pieces (and some of those new/old mixes) are coming to the blog soon ... real soon ... like at the end of this week! in the meantime, here's a kaliyana mix.

i am wearing the mykonos top, the hood jacket and the cool pant by kaliyana. my pullover is by elemente clemente. i am wearing the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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