Saturday, April 23, 2016

skirt girl skirt

my outfits are rarely spur of the moment in this sense. i don't put them together immediately before i wear them. no, they are usually thought out some time in advance. my outfits are spur of the moment in this sense. while i have several planned out outfits in stock, which one i end up wearing on any particular day is usually determined on the morning of that particular day. usually, immediately after i wake up, an outfit just bubbles up from my subconscious mind as being right for that day. over the years, i have learned to go with that outfit. if i talk myself out of going with that outfit, i usually end up regretting it. sometimes, if i go with an outfit other than my "first choice" outfit, at some point in the day, i may even change back into my "first choice" outfit. it never ceases to amaze me how organic the process of getting dressed is for me -- once i have done a little planning of course. now here is a little confession on the planning bit: it isn't always done entirely on my own. sometimes, i have some help. sometimes, someone helps me to style a particular outfit. everyone needs a little help now and again. in the case of this outfit ... thanks, s~.

i am wearing the outside shirt, the getaway jacket and the 3d skirt by kaliyana. boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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Margo said...

You make me so curious ;-)