Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today was one of those days when, when I asked myself what I should wear, absolutely no answer came back.  Rather than panicking, which I sometimes do when I don't have forever to figure out what to wear (which I didn't this morning), I decided to think back to last year, when the weather was more or less the same, and pull out an outfit from then.  After all, if I liked something back then, surely I would like it now.  I did update the outfit a tiny bit, with a sweater that I recently purchased and that I realized today would work perfectly with the rest of the outfit.  Lucky for me the sweater was on my mind (from coming across it while searching for another sweater earlier this week).  Otherwise I may have overlooked it for today's outfit.

I think that the reason I couldn't come up with something new to wear this morning was because there was a ten degree difference in the temperature between yesterday and today -- today being much cooler than yesterday.  There have been so many Summer days lately that I think my mind is now stuck in Summer wardrobe mode.  Lucky for me Summer temperatures are forecast for tomorrow.

jacket: Zara, from my closet
top: Lululemon, from my closet
dress: ?, from my closet
sweater: Gap
socks: Hue, from my sock drawer
boots: Hunter, from my closet
necklace: Aldo, from my jewelry box

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