Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Few Of My Favourite Things

I seem to have been indulging myself these past few days ... by wearing some of my favourite things.  Needless to say, I generally like everything I wear (otherwise I wouldn't be wearing it), but some things I do like more than others.  Yesterday, I wore an outfit in one of my favourite colours for clothing (red).  Today, I wore a plaid skirt (with a little red thrown in). I can't say it any other way:  I am mad for plaid.  It really wasn't an accident that I wore plaid on Tuesday and a sort-of-plaid on Monday.  Just gimme plaid and I am happy!

After yesterday's revelation -- that I would much rather be caught wearing wellies in dry weather, when rain is forecast but doesn't arrive, than caught wearing other footwear in wet weather, when rain is forecast and does arrive -- you would have thought that I would have worn wellies today, since rain was forecast for this afternoon and evening.  But I did not.  Now I am left with asking myself what I was thinking this morning!  I can tell you it wasn't about proper footwear for rain, that is, wellies!  (It was actually about getting dressed and out of the house fast enough to get in an early morning yoga practice before work.)

Speaking of footwear, and indulging (which I was at the outset of this post), the new Fluevog shoes came in today!  So, off I went to the store!  And, yes, they are home with me this evening!  Both they and I are happy!

top: Jacob, from my closet
jacket: Jacob, from my closet
skirt: Urban Outfitters, from my closet
socks: Hue, from my sock drawer
shoes: Doc Martens, from my closet

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