Saturday, March 4, 2017

from the wardrobetales rundholz repository (no. 20 02 11 17)

on this saturday morning, beyond wearing my favourite label (because, let's face it, it isn't like i have much choice here, there being not too much else in my closet these days) i didn't really want to care about putting myself together. while i can't make any claims to being "best dressed", i usually can't leave home without feeling put together and completely comfortable in my "chosen skin". it is my armour, after all, and, therefore, there can't be too many (if any) chinks in it. on this saturday morning, though, i didn't want to go to all that trouble. maybe, i didn't want any armour. for someone like me, this is the hardest thing to do ... to not care about the armour. to not put on any armour. to not put forward the face that i want to put forward. although i tried to just put "any ole thing" on, at the end of the day, i am not sure that i left the armour at home.

i am wearing rundholz black label s/s 2016 (tunic, hoodie and trousers) and rundholz black label a/w 2016 (pullover, hat and boots).


Rfmsf said...

You look amazing in this rundholz 'mash up'. I wish I could look this good when putting any old thing together! Love your blog

Anonymous said...

Uniquely combined, comfortable, and all-around-fabulous armour it is!
Thanks, as always, for sharing.

wardrobetales said...

thanks, rfmsf.

wardrobetales said...

thanks, jan.

Jean at DrossintoGold said...

The beauty of having such magnificent clothes in your closet, and ONLY things you love, is that you can't go wrong. This is perfect. I know what you mean about your armour. I frequently miss, big-time. I think it's because I collect things that I semi-love. Time to go clean out...again.