Sunday, February 21, 2016

nothing new pullover

usually, when i first lay eyes on a new rundholz collection, i am overcome by this sense of frenzy. so much to take in. so much to sort through. so many decisions to make (not that i ever have the entire collection to choose from). panic usually follows the frenzy. what if i don't get everything that i want? finally, good sense (not to mention reality) sets in. i will get what i get and life will go on. i am getting exhausted just describing this process. this year, i am taking a short cut to good sense (and reality). either i am finally getting wise ... or the collection isn't doing it for me. considering the latter option, i think one of you warned me about this!

i am wearing the outside shirt, scarf sweater and tokyo hat (with an added flower pin) by kaliyana. my trousers are by grizas. i am wearing the noon boot (box collection) by trippen.

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Brenda said...

I’m so with you on the seasonal Rundholz emotional roller coaster. I experience the same process, in the order you describe, and yes, it's exhausting, particularly when buying online from Europe given the time difference and how quickly the most coveted items sell out. It is no fun having to be awake and at the computer at the exact time (usually between 1am to 5am, over a period of 8 weeks, twice per year, as shipments trickle in) shops are uploading the latest arrivals, especially when you can't seem to check out fast enough and an item you really want suddenly disappears forever.

Am loving many of the DIP and Mainline spring pieces in leather, cashmere, mesh, and waxed cotton, but have passed on the entire Black Label spring collection aside from black and white pieces printed with text from Wilde's “The Canterville Ghost”. I generally favour cold weather collections over warm weather collections, so am happy that this leaves more to put toward the Rundholz A/W collection, which I fear will be one of the most roller-coastery experiences yet.

The label combining on your Feb 19 post is superb.