Sunday, February 14, 2016

beliefs pullover

for whatever reason i can't get people to believe that my mode of transportation is not a bicycle. i would love for my mode of transportation to be a bicycle. i am thinking a kronan bicycle. here's the thing, though: i live in a city that is not bicycle-friendly. to bike requires a lot of courage and aggressiveness (of a certain sort). i just don't fit that bill.

i am wearing the notting hill top, the (woollen) longside top and the cool pant by kaliyana. my shoes are the mondrian shoe (closed collection) by trippen.


Jean at said...

Nice. I'd be dead if i tried to ride a bike here. Maybe I'll pretend I do, however. It'll get me out of the maxi skirt rut. Nice top.

wardrobetales said...

thanks, jean. now that you mention your maxi skirt rut, it occurs to me that my wardrobe is not all that bike friendly!