Thursday, January 21, 2016

letting go is difficult pullover

piling on the woollen layers (in response to a true need to do so) has this strange side effect. even when the need subsides, it seems to continue. (that is, when it warms up outside (to a point where, before you piled on the woollen layers for the first time, you would not have dreamt of pulling any woollen layers on), it feels as if it never warmed up at all.) so whereas before layering weather, an outfit like this would have seemed fine and warm enough, post layering weather, an outfit like this seems like underdressing ... in the face of the exact same external temperature.

i am wearing the alpen top, the tokyo hat (with an added flower pin) and the escape skirt by kaliyana. my pullover is by moyuru and my coat is rundholz black label. i am wearing the noon boot (box collection) by trippen.

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Jessica said...

I know what you mean about layering & changing temperatures. I think of it as though one's bones acquire the cold accumulatively. One's core is chilled and only wool or a significant change of season is enough to warm it up!
I love when you wear this silhouette occasionally. It is a lovely one in general, but acquires an additional sense of mystery on you as one is used to seeing you in much more unconventional shapes.