Wednesday, September 2, 2015

meteor showers top

this may be the last all white outfit for this summer. although i don't really care much for the rule of no white after labour day (other than in the sense that rules are made to be broken), for some reason, as the official end of summer draws nearer and nearer, wearing all white feels more and more foreign to me. when i embarked on the experiment of wearing all white, i thought it would be a time-limited experiment. that it would be limited to a few weeks of very hot weather in july and august. but with each new all white outfit that i wore, i never imagined that there would be a natural end to it. until all of a sudden, a natural end appeared on the horizon. i guess i know myself better than i give myself credit for.

i am wearing the meteor top, the casa jacket and the 3d skirt by kaliyana. my shoes are the cosmos shoe (closed collection) by trippen.


Eva Margarita Shinkar said...

I follow your blog for almost two years, and i'm totally delighted!

Thank you for the inspiration!

wardrobetales said...

eva margarita shinkar: thank you for following the blog and your comment!