Friday, May 1, 2015

another six pocket dress

that makes a total of eighteen pockets! (three dresses. six pockets in each dress. three by six makes eighteen.) this six pocket dress is a bit longer than my other two -- it felt right to go longer this time*. i am looking forward to wearing it (sans trousers underneath) when it gets a bit warmer. i see it being a perfect alternative to my long-ish rundholz l/s big black dress. (i think that i just stumbled across a new phenomenon -- the "bbd"!)

*this six pocket dress also has extra long sleeves and thumb holes (i love extra long sleeves and thumb holes).

i am wearing the alpen top by kaliyana. my dress and trousers are a local label (motion). my vest is by moyuru. i am wearing the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.


Jessica said...

Love the fabric print here. Do you put things in the pockets?

Sue said...

Loving that dress and the idea of thumb homes in the sleeves. Perfect for cooler days.

wardrobetales said...

jessica: yes, i do use most of the pockets -- the front and side ones.