Wednesday, May 13, 2015

it's just spring fever leggings

about two weeks ago, i went to see a ballet company touring from saint petersburg. the audience was full of ex-pats, dressed to the nines. for a few hours, i felt like a tourist, even though i was in my home city. it was nice.

i am wearing the l/s akiko top, the aha jacket, the ball skirt and the tight pant by kaliyana. my boots are the pluto boot (closed collection) by trippen.


Anonymous said...

Love this silhouette! And with the strips of fabric on various garments: adore!

wardrobetales said...

thank you! this silhouette is a "blast from my past"!

Jessica said...

24 years ago my Grandmother took me to see the Moscow State Ballet in London, your post reminded me of that. I too love the silhouette and the ribbons here.