Friday, September 12, 2014

carry on, carry on skirt

i was contemplating going to a shopping event -- a "curated shopping marketplace featuring 80+ independent [local] designers of apparel and accessories for men and women". mostly because one of my favourite designers was going to be there. then i read about what one could expect to encounter at the event, including a communal fitting room. i think my days of communal fitting rooms may be over*. i ended up not going to the event.

*i have never "liked" those fitting rooms with no mirror, requiring me to step out of the fitting room into a "communal" space to see how the clothing that i am trying looks on me. some things are very personal to me and how untested clothing looks on me is one of those things. a communal fitting room, where i have to, not only see how clothing that i am trying looks on me, but also put it on, in front of complete strangers, well, that's just going a bit too far. yes, i spent much time in communal fitting rooms in my uni days. back then, warehouse sales, with their communal fitting rooms, kept me fully clothed. but that was then, this is now. but i never say never.

i am wearing the manifold dress, the amazing skirt and the pleat jacket by kaliyana. my shoes are the sisters shoe (box collection) by trippen.


Sue said...

I love this outfit, and totally agree on the communal fitting room thing. I like privacy and don't need or want someone elses thoughts on how I look.

wardrobetales said...

thanks, sue.