Friday, September 5, 2014

giving new life to an old top (top)

ever since i heard the term "normcore", i have been struggling with this idea that, in fashion, there is a principal culture and subcultures. i have also been struggling with the definition of trends. trends seem to be defined by reference to the principal culture. subcultures seem to be discussed only when they contribute to a trend in the principal culture. here's a thought: maybe there is no principal culture. maybe there are just subcultures. so if a trend is identified in the "principal subculture", does it appear in other subcultures? and, if it does, how does it manifest itself in those subcultures.*

*i should probably confess that, recently, i have been questioning labels and categorizations of all types. i am starting to believe that there are no definite categories of anything. instead, there are spectrums. of course, it is easier to exist with definite categories. or is it?

i am wearing the manifold dress, the balloon pant and the l/s akiko top by kaliyana. my shoes are the till boot (cup collection) by trippen.

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