Monday, June 16, 2014

inspiration hits hoodie

sometimes, after numerous attempts at building an outfit, all such attempts ending, in my estimation, in failure*, inspiration hits and success follows. success usually results from the addition (but, in some cases, the subtraction) of a layer**. here: success followed from the addition of a layer, namely, the hoodie***.

*failure here doesn't mean failure by some objective standard. failure here is purely subjective. meaning i just don't like the resulting outfit. of course, this could also be failure by some objective standard.

**since success following failure can result from the addition or subtraction of a layer, is it no wonder that building an outfit can sometimes be so difficult for me?

***considering how may times adding the hoodie to an outfit has made for, in my estimation, a far superior outfit, compared to one sans the hoodie, i would have to say that the hoodie has, not only paid for itself several times over by now, but also has turned out to be worth its weight (if not more than its weight) in gold!

i am wearing the diamond dress, the hood jacket and the string jacket by kaliyana. my boots are the cylinder boot (box collection) by trippen.

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