Saturday, June 7, 2014

(another) box companion tunic

a couple of days after i transported my big box (containing a garment steamer) home via public transit, i found myself on the same bus route. the bus was crowded when i embarked, so i stood near the rear doors. two stops after i embarked, a seat freed up near the doors and i claimed it. it was a two-seater and there was a woman sitting on the other seat. no sooner did i sit down than the woman asked me how my big box worked out (or something like that). it took me awhile to realize that she was on the bus that day when i was transporting my big box (containing a garment steamer) home (and someone else was transporting another big box (containing a window air conditioner) home -- my box companion). we had a lovely conversation -- the woman and i. it was interesting that she remembered me. it was more interesting that she felt comfortable enough to start up a conversation with me.

i am wearing the horizon jacket (x 2) and the amazing skirt by kaliyana. my shoes are the loipe shoe (closed collection) by trippen.

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