Thursday, September 26, 2013

if i did it once, could i do it again ... skirt

now that i have managed to manifest the tunnel skirt in cotton jersey (the skirt above) by wishing for it, i am going to see if i can manifest the amazing skirt in cotton jersey by wishing for it. here goes: oh how i wish that the amazing skirt came in cotton jersey. p.s. preferably black cotton jersey.

i am wearing the seattle tunic, square jacket and tunnel skirt by kaliyana (a/w helsinki collection). my boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.


Anonymous said...

I love the Kaliyana look and you look good in it but don't you get tired of the sameness? There seems to be so little variety.

wardrobetales said...

the question about sameness got me thinking. about what it is to find one's style and where sameness fits into that. about whether there are different types of sameness (i have viewed many a blog that feature street styles and seen nothing but sameness after sameness after sameness). about what it is to fall in love with a label/designer. i have no answers. i do know this: that i love kaliyana and all its sameness.