Wednesday, September 4, 2013

how to make it different (if even slightly) top

on the day that i wore this outfit, i woke up, ruled out a planned outfit (which, in retrospect, i should have gone with because it would have been more appropriate for moving offices), tried out a brand spanking new outfit (which i felt guilty about wearing before autumn officially arrived because it is from the new autumn/winter collection) and finally decided that i would be most comfortable wearing what i had worn for the past two days. "really, the same thing?" asked the mini-me with horns and a tail sitting on one of my shoulders. "there is nothing wrong with wearing the same thing," countered the mini-me with the halo sitting on my other shoulder. "yes, probably, no one will even notice," jeered the mini-me with horns and a tail. the mini-me with horns and a tail won this round, and i began thinking of how i could make wearing the same thing somehow wearing something different if even just slightly. and then i had it: add the top. even the mini-me with the halo had to admit that it was not bad, not bad at all.

i am wearing the neck tie dress, the pelican top and the amazing skirt (all s/s monterey collection) by kaliyana. my boots are the cylinder boot (box collection) by trippen.

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deborah said...

who are you? you are so amazing. and elusive. nothing about you i can find. i'm so intrigued. are you a designer?? where are you from? what's your name?