Thursday, July 1, 2010

Destination Hairstyle

I have finally found my "destination hairstyle".  The question now is will I have the patience to "grow into it".  It should take several months.  I don't have a good track record of growing my hair, even from one short hairstyle to another.  I can only try I suppose.  Only time will tell what happens.

The outfit that I am wearing was inspired by the DSquared Spring/Summer 2010 ready to wear collection.  I didn't actually wear this outfit today.  That means that today was the first day since I started this blog that I put an outfit together just for the purposes of this blog.  I have had this dress for a couple of years now (at least), but I have yet to wear it.  Every Summer I think about how I might wear the dress -- what shoes would I wear with it, what jacket/sweater would I wear with it.  When I saw the DSquared Spring/Summer 2010 ready to wear collection, I thought that the dress would work really well in a "glam camping" look.  I am hopeful that I will wear the dress this Summer.  In the meantime, I have really been wanting to see the dress on me for some time now.  When I decided today that I was going to play "let's do a photo shoot", I immediately thought of this dress.

Photos of what I actually wear will return tomorrow.

jacket: Gap, from my closet
dress: H&M, from my closet
boots: Hunter, from my closet
sunglasses: ?, from my accessories collection

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