Saturday, June 17, 2017

from the wardrobetales rundholz repository (no. 20 06 05 17)

on the day that i chose to wear this, i had an event to go to in the evening that called for a "business elegant" dress code. not knowing what that meant, i did what everyone else would do in the circumstances. i googled "business elegant". i learned two things from this little exercise: first, that "business elegant" is "cocktail attire with professional standards applied". and, second, that i would definitely be trying to kid someone if i thought that i had anything in my closet that looked remotely like anything in the images that came up for the search term "business elegant". so, as i always do when faced with any of the many customary dress codes that pop up on invitations to events, i picked the closest thing to "business elegant" that i had in my closet, put it on and strutted my stuff.

i am wearing rundholz mainline s/s 2017 (shoes) and rundholz black label s/s 2015 (top/tunic, jacket and skirt).

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